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Can you mine bitcoin 2021

  In a way, modifying and trading Bitcoin is legal, but due to the laws in your country, there are few countries that regulate Bitcoin mining such as Iceland and some other European countries.


Bitcoin mining on a MacBook, yes, it is possible to mine bitcoin on a MacBook.


In the end, connect your Bitcoin wallet address and start mining Bitcoin from your device and once this is done, the program will automatically start mining.


Is it legal to mine Bitcoin from home?


As for our Arab countries in general, and Africa in particular, no legislation has been issued for or against Bitcoin mining, and these countries have remained silent, we hope that there will be a serious pause regarding this matter.


What is the best computer for mining bitcoin?

Depending on the resources of your device and basically any laptop designed for modern games would make good Bitcoin mining; Because it comes with more advanced GPU power than traditional laptops.


However not all graphics cards are created equal, and it is important to know which GPU came with your device and check its parameters.


If you are looking to mine bitcoin from your machine well, then you will be looking for some algorithm processing unit computational power.


And the best device you can profit from mining is the Razer Blade Pro, whose manufacturer has redefined laptop power by packing more devices into a single, not very heavy 17-inch laptop unless you imagined it earlier.


From a bitcoin mining perspective, there are two Blade Pro models where the cheaper version contains a 6GB NVIDIA GTX 1060 card.


While the newer and more expensive one has a GTX 1080 8GB card.


This means that if you use it, it will work with quad-core Core i7 processors, 32GB of RAM, and optional RAID storage, and here the device is fully qualified for mining.